EPD: Composite pipe system for hot and cold water in the building

Een EPD (milieuproductverklaring) schetst de verschillende milieuaspecten van meerlaags polyolefine leiding met een kernlaag van aluminium voor aanvoer van warm en koud (drink)water binnenshuis

The European Plastics Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) deems it important to have an insight into the integral environmental impacts that are encountered during the life-span of particular pipe system applications. With this framework in mind, in 2010 TEPPFA has set up an LCA/EPD project with the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) which resulted in an EPD. The present EPD is the update of the EPD issued in 2011 – foreground data remained the same, with only the datasets being updated to the latest available version (Ecoinvent 3.3 and Industry 2.0 replaced Ecoinvent 2 datasets). The present EPD outlines the various environmental aspects which accompany the Polymer/ Al/Polymer composite pipe system for hot and cold water  in the building, from the primary extraction of raw materials up to and including the end of life (EoL) treatment after its reference service life time.


Polymer/Al/Polymer composite pipe system for hot and cold water in the building
Environmental Product Declaration
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maart 2018
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