Best Practice for effective jetting of sewer pipes

Alle soorten rioleringssystemen vereisen een regelmatig reinigingssysteem om te zorgen voor een efficiënte prestatie. Een nieuwe Europese norm voor het beheer en de controle op deze reinigingswerkzaamheden wordt momenteel afgerond. Lees het volledige Teppfa rapport.

Cleaning and unblocking

All types of gravity drain and sewer systems require a regular cleaning regime to ensure achievement of efficient performance. A new European Standard for the management and control of these cleaning operations is currently being finalised: prEN 14654-1:2004 Management and Control of Operations in Drains and Sewers – Part 1: Sewer Cleaning.

This bulletin summarises recommended Best Practice for the effective use of pressurised jetting to clean and unblock sewer pipes while minimising risk of damage to the pipe system. These principles apply to ALL pipe materials. A brief review of other cleaning methods is also included.

Best Practice for effective jetting of sewer pipes
Cleaning and unblocking
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There is increasing evidence that high volume water at low pressures is a more effective way to achieve removal of obstructions and thorough cleansing.


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