Vinyl sustainability Forum 2019

Dit evenement werd gehouden op:
09 mei 2019 t/m 10 mei 2019

in: praag tsjechië

The VinylPlus Sustainability Forum is VinylPlus’ annual event that aims to engage in open and constructive dialogue with a wide range of industry and external stakeholders, on topics surrounding sustainability.

In May 2019, VinylPlus will welcome you to the annual VinylPlus Sustainability Forum, for an event centered around Accelerating Innovation.

The sustainable growth of society as a whole is only possible through the balancing of the three pillars of sustainability – that is economic, social and environmental. In this context, innovation is key.

As countless new technologies have developed in the past decades, new methods and tools have ignited innovation throughout all industries, thus encouraging sustainable development.

The PVC industry’s journey towards sustainable development already began nearly 20 years ago. As innovative technologies continue to develop, the VSF 2019 will explore the upcoming challenges and opportunities the PVC industry will seize to further contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Innovation for economic sustainability has impacted the PVC industry market. Following the growth in the use of recyclates, what is the right market balance for the use of virgin and recycled PVC? What is the competitiveness of PVC products over their whole life cycle?

Comparatively, the shift towards social sustainability demands increased innovative approaches in education and the development of new skills. Is Europe ready and capable of this task? How can we efficiently develop technologies and digital solutions that we can trust and use correctly?

Today, environmental sustainability is increasingly important. Sustainable innovations supported by digitalization are helping companies adapt their long-term business strategies accordingly, for example by assessing their environmental footprints. How are these innovations changing the PVC industry?

On the 9th and 10th of May 2019, Prague will host the ever forward-looking speakers and visionaries of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019. Looking to tackle central questions concerning the key accelerators of innovation in the PVC industry today, VinylPlus, knowledge rooted in the past and eyes firmly fixed on the future, looks forward to welcoming you to this unique industry event.

The VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019
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